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About Us

Hey, friends. I’d like to create something with you.

I’m calling it Play | Full (you can type to find it).

What I’d like to do with you is create an online magazine, or project, or collection, or space, or whatever you want to call it — a place to celebrate “play” — be it play in words, in thought, in music, in connection, in our condition.

Know that I’m a “play progressive”: Play need not always be happy, or frivolous — though please, our need for some gosh darn light is as strong today as ever. Sometimes we need some serious play. Sad play, even.

So bring the joy, bring your passions (TV shows, bands, favorite players and teams, hobbies and loves you’ve never quite gotten over). Bring it all.

If you want to participate, let me know what you’d like to submit and I’ll play editor and give you a green or red light (and thoughts on how to go from red to green), then we’d post the piece here. If we want to continue, I’ll create an account for you to post.

Right now, Play | Full is loaded with things I’ve written over the years, but I imagine it with many more voices. Your voices. Our voices.

So, do you wanna play?

Kevin Donahue

Digital journalist. Inherent optimist, hopeful cynic, dad and grand-guy, universalist.

WC Clinton

WC Clinton is the author of a quartet of short stories titled "Two Pairs of Shorts" and several short stories and poems on Play Full.